Keep your nerves,
we keep the overview.

Your perfect wedding needs a professional organisation. Perfectly elaborated from A (agape) to Z (zap). This requires a lot of time: from the proposal till the marriage itself a lot of bureaucratic obstacles have to be conquered.

Are both of you employed? Your spare time is already booked out? Don’t worry about print requirements, catering, music and entertainment, technique, decoration, seating arrangements etc..

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Celebrate your wedding individually and relaxed –
we conserve your budget

You will not pay more for your wedding, when we plan and coordinate it, as if you plan your greatest day by yourself.

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Special offers

Your logo

Many bridal couples want to have a customized logo with their names, their wedding date, symbols or any other element. We are pleased to create this for you and apply it in the print requirements.

Your homepage

In addition to „save the date“ cards or classic invitations many bridal couples desire a own wedding homepage. It gives aplenty space for informations concerning arrival, overnight stay and any further information concerning the wedding. As well pictures can be updated and you have access anytime.

From the beginning of your love story up to wedding presents, wedding pictures: your personal homepage can be configurate individually, just like your perfect wedding.

Bridal registry

You already have a appointed household or you do not want bouquets of flowers, because you will go on honey moon right after the wedding? We have a lot of great ideas what you may wish as presents. From donation up to art or charity activities – we can show you many possibilities.

Your picture book

While you are enjoying your honey moon after a perfect wedding, we select, together with your photographer, the very best pictures and impressions of the celebrations and create a picture book. This will be printed individually. So you will have, the precious memories and the greatest moments of your wedding even years later, in your hands.

Your Give away

You like to surprise your guests with a personal present / give away? Creative ideas do not always cost a lot of money and time. We create with you and our partners a individual present, that your guests will certainly remember.


We look forward to every couple who wants to tie the knot. We have a lot lovely possibilities for a joyous celebration, far beyond the inscription at the civil registry office.

Your morning gift

You wish to surprise your wife/husband with a very special morning gift? For example with fantastic, professional photos, taken in a wedding studio? We help you to find the perfect idea and to realise it.

Your wedding dress

Already as a young girl you had your exact idea how your wedding dress should be. It should correspond to your style and bring out your figure. It should embody your personality – it should be just perfect!

We are happy to advise you to find the perfect dress and our partners can offer you special conditions.
You want your dress to bei tailored? Wonderful! We have very good connections to famous, international couturiers.

Your bridal dance

You want an alternative option to the classic waltz? You wish your own choreographie or to spice your bridal dance up? No Problem, just ask us!

Your proposal of marriage

Your proposal of marriage should be unforgettable? You want to express all your feelings and emotions, but you don’t know how? Or do you already have a fantastic idea but you don’t know how to realise it? No Problem: we love to help you from the outstanding idea up to the implementation.

Your maid of honour/Your best man

We are happy to give your maid of honour/best man advises, if they need help for the eve-of-the-wedding party or for the perfect timing concerning the entertainment program during your wedding. Your wedding can be without embarrassing games. ;-)

Your entertainment

You desire a magic performance? Surprise your guests with a stunning firework? Do you want a comedian or an actor to perform your love story? You need a fantastic live band that rocks or professional dancers, who replace notorious non-dancers? All your wishes can be granted!

Your honey moon

Relaxed holidays in a luxury hotel, an exclusive diving holiday on the maledives, a safari in the wild Africa or an adventure holiday in Thailand – with our partners we plan your honey moon, you just have to pack your bags.

Your wedding anniversary

Will you have your silver or golden wedding? These anniversaries are worth to be celebrated! Or do you want do tie the knot once again after heights and depths of love? In a small circle or with all the lovely people, who accompanied you – you can be sure we will organise your celebration with a lot of love and passion.

Your engagement party

A big party to celebrate the engagement is getting popular in the last few years. It is the perfect occasion to invite all your friends to celebrate with you. The party is also very suitable to prepare your logo, your motto or your style, which can be continued at your wedding.

Your themed wedding

If you wish a very special theme or if you have very special ideas but you don’t know how to implement them – we are pleased to help you, from the idea, the concept up to the implementation on you wedding day.

Your wedding day celebration / anniversary

You wish to celebrate your wedding anniversary in an exceptionally way and to say “thank you” to your love for extraordinary time? Just ask us: We have aplenty ideas your partner will certainly remember!